Monday, March 22, 2010


not to be lame,
but to be honest.
sometimes life gets in the way,
and sometimes you are in the mood to watch things you hadn't intended on watching,
then realize they have taken the little space you had in the week
to watch the things you planned to watch.
sometimes life requires catch up
and more catch up
and more.
for this, this blog kind of rocks, because unlike life-life,
which generally just keeps a-rolling and doesn't really give you catch up time but more a choice between things to let slide forever and things to check off,
here we can actually feel like we get some do-overs:)
so i'm taking mine. again.
see ya next week. when i will have finally finished the last half-hour of l'avventura (!!) and watched last weeks pick.

1 comment:

juliet small ernst said...

This is well needed.

I am still behind.

I will catch up!