Wednesday, April 7, 2010


72. CLEO FROM 5 to 7, dir. AGNES VARDA, 1962

we've been without internet for quite some time, just got it back!
it was a good break, though i'm sorry for the late post:)
i loved juliet's last "any film, any director, any time" post. i watched a couple random documentaries -- this and this,
and went on monday night to see this, which i thought absolutely incredible. surely watched some other things that are slipping my memory...
i saw 'the beaches of agnes' (2008) awhile ago, loved 'the gleaners and i' (2000), but have never seen cleo:)

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juliet small ernst said...

Ah, I so wanted to see FISH TANK when it was out here but missed the opportunity. I liked RED ROAD quite a bit.

How were those documentaries? I don't know anything about either!

My report: Did indeed see the ROSS LIPMAN films and walked out early. It was a bad sign when the man started introducing each film at length, taking twenty minutes to talk about each 3 minute piece. Really tedious. Too bad.

But, SWEETGRASS: what a beautiful movie. I can't recommend it enough.

Excited to rewatch CLEO. It's been awhile since I've seen it in its entirety, though I recently saw the beginning of the best title sequences I can think of!